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DHC Test Scenarios DHC by Restlet is a powerful tool for calling APIs, but it also helps developers and testers validate API behavior. In particular, DHC Scenarios let you build API tests that reflect real-life API usage. Designing test scenarios is simple and visual. Expressions can be used to chain requests and set expectations on […]

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Fraustein talks about his team’s radical agility development organization that is optimized for an API-first approach. He explains what an API-first approach is, and provides tips on building good APIs for scalable microservice architectures where a large number of services are offered efficiently.

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DHC is a powerful HTTP client that allows you to send, parameterize, and chain requests. It’s also possible to get their results and validate them with assertions. Also, when chaining requests, some of them will need to use the contents of a response from a previous request. To meet this need DHC offers a powerful […]

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Your next promotion might lead you to a career in API design or project management. The API industry is booming and there’s a shortage of people with the right skills.  Do you have what it takes to leverage the API economy in your career? According to a recent Gartner report, “Every company is a technology […]

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DHC also played an important role in the development of our API usage documentation. The goal of our campaign to get people to use the THETA API is to increase the number of applications that developers build. We’ve encouraged hundreds of groups to build apps for the THETA and created a showcase of applications.

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In a previous blog post, we introduced the API testing support of DHC. We described the power of this tool to test REST services and web APIs by combining requests and assertions. During the summer, a new version of DHC was released extending this testing support by providing a new dedicated view. This view leverages […]

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QA engineers can share complex API tests with development and ops team members, integrate automated API testing into Maven and Jenkins DevOps systems Palo Alto, Calif., September 28, 2016 – Restlet, providers of the leading API platform, today announced a new version of Restlet DHC, an advanced API testing tool that helps DevOps teams easily […]

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Prepare for the next wave of mobile, IoT, and big data applications. To give you pointers to this brave new world, we invite you to join me, Jerome Louvel, chief geek and founder of Restlet, on Thursday, September 22nd at 7.00pm at our Palo Alto office.

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You favorite API testing tool is changing – but nothing to worry about. If you read my previous post here Changes in DHC Chrome Store packaging then you are aware of the reasons why we have to do that. Moreover, just a month ago Chrome Store team has also announced Chrome Apps removal. That means […]

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Great news everyone! DHC 1.3 is finally out and brings a brand new way to create and manage complex, interconnected, API test scenarios; better supporting QA needs. Version 1.3. brings you a solution in the form of two new work modes: Requests-centric view and Scenarios-centric view. If you’re already a DHC user, you are probably […]

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