- November 29, 2005

The first public release is available on the project’s web site. The current features are:

Restlet API

  • Supports all REST concepts (resource, representation, data, connector, components, etc.)
  • Suitable for both client and server REST applications
  • Complete replacement for the Servlet API
  • No dependency on any third-party library
  • Restlets and Maplets allow easy handling of hierarchical URIs
  • Connectors can be added for any protocol
  • Supports blocking and non-blocking NIO modes
Noelios Restlet Engine (NRE)
  • Reference implementation of the Restlet API contributed by Noelios Consulting
  • Server connector: HTTP
  • Client connectors: HTTP, JDBC, SMTP
  • Automatic metadata association based on file name extensions
  • Automatic server-side content negotiation
  • FreeMarker template representations provide an excellent alternative to JSP pages

Direct download link.