- December 09, 2005

The last couple of days, I received some encouraging feed-back from an early REST advocate: Jean-Paul Figer. He helped me to identify the following needs:

  1. Filtering Restlet for logging, security, etc. : similar in purpose to Servlet Filters (already added to the upcoming 0.15 beta)
  2. Integration with existing Web servers (Apache and Microsoft IIS) : this is especially useful if Restlets are to be effectively used in corporate environment -> integrate Apache Tomcat connectors
  3. Support XML configuration of Restlet servers (containers, Restlets, URI mappings, etc.). This is important if Restlets are to be used by non Java programmers and also for administration purpose.
  4. Add support for “URI rewriting” in a simpler manner than IIS or Apache -> use the Filter concept to implement internal redirects, client-based redirects and proxy-based transparent redirects.

In addition, here are the other new features high on the to do list:

  1. Logging Restlet generating logs similar to Apache -> LogFilter
  2. Extend the JDBC connector to support features like SQL in / XML out in Oracle database and related standards (
  3. Extend the JDBC connector to support XQuery style requests returning XML representation.

Any other idea? Please join the project at and submit your ideas.