- January 10, 2006

Darryl K. Taft, a senior editor at eWEEK, has noticed the Restlet project and wrote two articles on it. The first is a general presentation of the project and the second is a Question & Answer session:

  1. Java Development Gets Web 2.0 Treatment
  2. Java Project Founder Outlines Benefits of Restlet

Some new facts:

  • Restlet 1.0 beta 1 is planned for the end of January
  • Restlet 1.0 final is planned for Q2 2006
  • I’m looking to build a community around this project, if you are interested please join via the development site
  • The Restlet API will be submitted to the JCP or to the Apache Foundation if there is enough interest from the community
  • lurker

    wheres the user discussion or developers list? i see commits, issues, and announcements which is empty, but no dev / user lists?

  • The discussion list was restricted to project members. I’ve changed the settings, you should be able to see it now. Alternatively you can use the GMane gateway, see details at