- April 11, 2006

I’ve recently met Henry Story who is working for Sun Microsystems on many interesting technologies such as the Semantic Web and the Atom syndication standard. After reviewing the Restlet project, he was kind enough to publish a note about it on his blog: Restlets, the next thing after servlets?

This note started an interesting discussion between Henry, Dave Johnson (author of a book titled “RSS and Atom in action”) and myself which led to the idea of demonstrating the capabilities of Restlets by implementing an Atom publishing client.

Atom is a new syndication standard that aims to overcome the limitations of the RSS 2.0 standard. The first part is the Atom XML-based document format which was released in version 1.0 in December 2005. The second part is the Atom Publication Protocol which allows the remote edition of syndication sources and that is the best application of REST I’ve seen so far.

As a result, an Atom extension was recently added to the Noelios Restlet Engine. It should be a useful basis to write Atom client and server applications, for example to programmatically subscribe to blogs. In addition, it is a good example on how to implement RESTful applications using Restlets.