Here is the first release candidate for version 1.0. It is considered to be feature complete, without any known bug pending and with a stabilized API. Those who had little time to test or upgrade to recent betas are strongly urged to test this RC1. During the next few weeks, we will mainly work on […]

- December 26, 2006
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Recently, an article from Lindsay Clark came to my attention. It is interesting in the sense that it provides original feed-back on usage of Restlet by NeoWorks, a consulting company based in London, to develop a new version of the Science Photo Library. Bola Rotibi, a senior analyst at Ovum, also explains the positionning of […]

- December 24, 2006
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I’d like to announce a new search engine dedicated to REST: It is based on Google’s Co-op platform and contains a selection of Web sites primarily focused on REST. If you think that a great resource is missing from the list, please send me your suggestions. Here is the predefined list of Web sites […]

- December 20, 2006
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