As reported by Eduardo Pelegri-Llopart, the JSR 311 was approved by the JCP Executive Committee for development. The results of the vote are also available here. Following a request from Apache, the name of the JSR is now “Java API for RESTful Web Services”. You can check a comprehensive list of posts following the initial […]

- February 28, 2007
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As the Java community is increasingly using REST to develop their Web applications, Sun Microsystems is proposing to specify a high-level REST API for Java. If accepted for development by the JCP Executive Comitee, this JSR#311 will formalize as a set of Java 5 annotations to facilitate the exposition of Java objects as REST resources. […]

- February 14, 2007
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Even though REST was only formalized in 2000, it is fundamentally based on the Web architecture and its core standards: HTTP and URI. At the same time, efforts to port on the Web older technologies such as CORBA, RMI and DCOM resulted in the specification of SOAP, WSDL and soon after of a full stack […]

- February 08, 2007
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