- May 13, 2007

The book is called “RESTful Web Services” and O’Reilly, the publisher, finally released it. The authors, Leonard Richardson and Sam Ruby, guide you through a revealing journey inside the architecture of the Web. Using concrete examples, they help you to use HTTP, URIs and REST at their full potential.

A design process called Resource Oriented Architecture provides a pragmatic application of REST principles and best practices based on findings from the REST community. Also, this book is also the first one to significantly cover the Restlet framework, providing a good opportunity to compare it to other frameworks like Ruby on Rails and django.

For having had a chance to review it and to contribute the Restlet section (with the help of Dave Pawson), I think it is a must read for all REST and Restlet enthusiasts!

Update 1:

Update 2:

  • book review by Jon Udell (Microsoft)
  • book review by Henry Story (Sun) and relationship to RDF
  • book review by Paul Sandoz (Sun) and comments regarding content negotiation
  • book review by Jason Hudgins and comments regarding Restlet coverage

  • Thanks for creating Restlet. REST looks like a very cool architectural style. Did a little work with it recently in Ruby and REXML. I’m going to check Restlet out!

    – Vasudev Ram