- July 07, 2007

It was really amazing to observe how quickly the REST vs WS-* debate evolved in the recent months. From a frontal opposition that lasted several years, a new state of mind suddenly crystallized in our industry.

People are now seriously looking at REST, and WS-* is not seen anymore as the one size fits all solution. It certainly has its merits for complex SOA projects, but REST clearly wins for lightweight Web oriented integration needs.


Recently, I was pleased to read this post from Anne Thomas Manes, recommending the REST architecture style and especially the Restlet framework! Anne is Vice President and Research Director and has an impressive experience in Java, JEE and Web Services technologies.

Seeing her promoting REST at the Burton Group is an excellent news, especially when you see that they have a dedicated group of experts including Pete Lacey.

Update 1: Richard Monson-Haefel, also from the Burton Group, comments on Anne’s position and Pete’s merits.

Update 2: Peter Lacey has published the slides of his REST Workshop where he covers Restlet