- July 07, 2007

The Restlet project, represented by Noelios Consulting, was nominated to the Luteces d’Or 2007, in the category “most innovative project in the field of the Free Software”. This is the most prestigious prize of the French free software community, this contest is organized by the ASS2L under the high patronage of the Mayor of Paris.

The category was newly created for the 2007 edition but received the highest number of candidatures. Restlet was selected by a large and experienced jury, among 25 other projects as one of the three best. As a consequence, I was invited to the ceremony in the prestigious City Hall of Paris!

As you can see, they even managed to put a Linux penguin inside the Honors hall! The project didn’t win the first price but it was a great reward for the amount of effort that we put in releasing Restlet version 1.0.

A special prize was also given to the PloneGov project that I had a chance to discover by discussing with two of their representatives who came from Bruxelles for the event.