- July 17, 2007

Alex Milowski has announced version 0.4.0 of his atomojo server, the first version ready for general beating of his APP (Atom Publishing Protocol) implementation.

This implementation is based on our Restlet framework. Alex also implemented a Restlet integration with eXist (an XML database) and used it in this project to store the Atom feeds. We are very happy about Alex’s initiative who brings high quality feed-back to the project.

There is also a simpler Atom extension planned for Restlet version 1.1 and we are exploring ways to share some of this code with atomojo. For those interested, we have already talked about Atom and Restlet in this blog.

Restlet’s extension doesn’t aim to provide a complete APP stack (with storage, administration, etc.) like atomojo, so there is a great open source collaboration opportunity here!

The atomojo project also comes with an APP client implemented as a Firefox extension. We encourage you to try out atomojo and send your feed-back to Alex.

  • Richard Wallace

    I have to say that when I first saw Restlet I was pretty excited. I’m was planning a project that I’m planning to use it as an interface for my Ajax clients. But my usage of it would be in a commercial app. I just checked the license of Restlet and it seems to be dual licensed under the CDDL or the GPL with classpath extension. This had me thinking I wouldn’t be able to use it in a commercial application.

    But looking at this project I see that it is licensed under the BSD license. From what I understand of the CDDL and GPL they require that any software making use of code under one of those licenses requires that the client code also be under the same license.

    Is this not true? Can I use Restlet in a commercial app? Is Atomojo in violation of the Restlet licensing?

    I’m hoping that I can use Restlet in my application because I’ve never been excited about web services because they’ve always seemed too complicated and bloated without actually providing much benefit. REST has got me excited about the possibilities and I really like the way the ideas have been realized in the Restlet architecture.

    So please, tell me I’m wrong!

  • Thanks for bringing this question up. I’m glad to say that you are wrong 🙂 Restlet can perfectly be used and redistributed in commercial applications, with either the CDDL or the GPL (with Classpath exception) license!

    So, Atomojo is absolutely able to redistribute Restlet, even if their own license is BSD. The main constraint of CDDL and GPL is that if you modify the source code of Restlet itself (derived work), you have to contribute those changes back to the community.

    I encourage you to read the licenses text directly and get legal advise if you are not familiar with license interpretation:

    Best regards,

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  • Note that the Restlet Engine project is now distributed under the following licenses: LPGL 3.0 or LGPL 2.1 or CDDL 1.0.

    This is less ambiguous than the GPL with Classpath Exception in term of possible inclusion in a commercial application.