- February 22, 2008

With the recent release of the Oracle 11g, Oracle has added support for Java 5 to OracleJVM. This lets database developers write Java Stored Procedures and execute their Java code right inside the database. This embedded JVM also supports their XML DB feature which provides the storage and manipulation of XML right inside Oracle databases. Interestingly, XML DB also supports the native execution of Servlet 2.2 (with some restrictions).


Marcelo Ochoa
, who is a consultant on Oracle/J2EE technologies and has worked for Oracle on several projects, has developed a version of the Restlet adapter for Servlet containers based on Oracle XDB. This effectively brings REST support to Oracle 11g!

We are now in the process of integrating Marcelo’s work as a new extension to the Restlet project. For now, you can get the adapter and the usage documentation on this blog post.

Update: See this page for documentation on the Restlet integration with Oracle XDB