- February 29, 2008

After two months of intense work we are finally releasing our next milestone. In addition to the numerous bug fixes and API enhancements, we would like to underline the following features:

  • Addition of a HTTP server based on the Grizzly NIO framework. This connector is the first to provide end-to-end NIO support, for example with direct transfer from file to socket for static files.
  • Support for HTTP DIGEST authentication (client and server side) and refactoring of engine to support pluggable authentication.
  • Addition of new Spring NRE extension providing even more integration possibilities with the Servlets and Restlets at the same time. The existing Spring API extension has also been extended and improved based on users feed-back and contributions.
  • Addition of JiBX extension, providing an efficient and flexible alternative to JAXB for XML to Object serialization.
  • Configuration of a Component based on a XML document is now directly supported.
  • Update of the Atom extension to conform to the latest APP specifications. The extension currently allows to retrieve an APP Service Document and Atom Feeds.
  • Sorting of directory indexes is now based on the Alpha-numerical algorithm based on David Koelle’s original idea.
  • Refactoring and enhancement of the WADL extension to support more use cases and nested resources are now supported.

We have also updated several dependencies:

  • Spring to version 2.5
  • db4o to version 7.0
  • FreeMarker to version 2.3.12
  • Grizzly to version 1.7.2

Thanks also to the direct contributors:

  • Alex Milowski
  • Avi Flax
  • Davide Angelocola
  • Derek Chiles
  • Evgeny K. Shepelyuk
  • Florian Schwarz
  • Garriot Zhang
  • Iestyn Evans
  • Jason Terhune
  • Kevin Conaway
  • Marc Portier
  • Michael Makunas
  • Paul J. Lucas
  • Ray Waldin
  • Rhett Sutphin
  • Rob Heittman
  • Sean Landis
  • Simon Olofsson
  • Stephan Koops
  • Tim Peierls
  • Todd Nguyen
  • William Pietri

Changes log:

Download links:

Maven repositories: (open) will be updated on 02/01 (restricted) has the new artifacts

  • Congratulations Jerome! 1.1 is looking great, and I continue to be very impressed by the steady, measured progress towards release.

    One question: is there, somewhere, a summary of the API changes from 1.0 to 1.1?

  • Thanks Avi! I hope we’ll continue to smoothly move towards Restlet 1.1 final. Help from community with tests, feed-back and contributions is going to be key for best stability.

    For the API changes, we don’t maintain a specific document beside the changes log here: