- April 07, 2008

Last week, we met Outerthought, the creators of Daisy CMS. We use Daisy to run our Restlet community wiki and we found it very powerful and flexible. For example, there is an integrated book publishing feature, with table of contents edition, clean PDF and HTML generation and complete user management.

Outerthought has also been a very active Restlet contributor recently and they are now working on a new Web framework called Kauri. What is new with Kauri is the desire to address the needs of all the team members involved in Web application development and provide them an integrated solution, from the front-end to the back-end. This project also has a strong focus on REST and modularity and is built on top of other open source projects including Restlet, jQuery and Spring.

We spent a great day meeting Steven Noels, Marc Portier and Bruno Dumon in their nice and modern offices located near Gent (Belgium), introducing each others, sharing our views on open source business development and discussing technical aspects related to Restlet and Kauri. Steven has written a nice blog report on this day.

  • Ganesh

    When can we see the first release approximately?