It’s been about two weeks since 1.1 M5 was released and we have already made tremendous progress. We are happy to release 1.1 RC1. Most serious bugs were fixed (more than 10) and all pending features where completed. Here is a summary of main changes: Chunked encoding issues in Grizzly and internal connectors were all […]

- August 19, 2008
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Despite our initial plan, we had to introduce a new milestone release before reaching our first release candidate version. This is due to several important features that we needed to publish before the RC in order to have enough time for community feed-back, before freezing the API. Our goal now is to fix all pending […]

- August 07, 2008
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Created in 2004, Noelios Consulting was a self-owned company that served its customers world-wide and that funded most of the development of the Restlet project. Four years have passed, Restlet has grown into a widely used technology and it was time to move to the next level, to better structure our business activities, and in […]

- August 04, 2008
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