- August 04, 2008

Created in 2004, Noelios Consulting was a self-owned company that served its customers world-wide and that funded most of the development of the Restlet project. Four years have passed, Restlet has grown into a widely used technology and it was time to move to the next level, to better structure our business activities, and in the end to better serve all our customers and users.

Noelios Technologies is happy to announce its incorporation, effectively taking over all the assets of Noelios Consulting. Thierry Boileau, who has been a core developer of Restlet for a long time, is officially joining me as a co-founder. Our activities are still focused on consulting services, but with an increasing part in software edition.

We are also launching our brand new Web site with a revamped products and services offering. We have added new support plans (Gold and Platinum) and shorter subscription lengths (from 1 month to 1 year). You can even directly subscribe to our support plans, get commercial Restlet licenses and even pay on-line via PayPal.

This is an important evolution for us and we look forward to helping you succeed with your REST and Restlet projects!

  • Congratulations Jerome and Thierry! This seems like a great step forward for you both and for Restlet. You have my best wishes for great success!

  • Thanks so much Avi for your enthusiasm and your continued support (and to your company, arc90, for being one of our first customers!).

  • Congratulations Jerome and Thierry on the new venture. Glad to see more companies helping people implement RESTful systems!

  • Bravo guys! Enjoy the road ahead!

  • Congrats to both of you!
    I hope your company will grow and develop RESTful applications for years to come.

  • Well done guys! I wish you the best.