- December 30, 2008

On the French IT market, Octo Technology is a top consulting company, specialized in software architecture. Since its creation in 1998, it has regularly shaped the technology landscape through their famous white papers.

Octo Technology

In 2007, they showed a clear understanding of REST by publishing “Web Services: Architectural Choices” (in French) by Philippe Mougin. The latest in the series is  a “Java Productivity Primer” (in English) detailing “Twelve guidelines to boost your productivity with a software factory”.

In their first guideline, “Adopt a productive Java platform that’s tailored for your project(s)”, they warn against bloated commercial platforms and propose an example of a state-of-the-art, low-cost Java platform which includes Restlet to develop their Web services.


They say they really like Restlet because the “framework is built for the REST architectural style, which is HTTP’s native architectural style. It lets you leverage the Web’s intrinsic qualities (scalability, loose coupling, etc.) much better than RPC- and/or SOAP-oriented frameworks”.

PS: Thanks to Charles Gay, from jGuard, for first pointing me to this document.

Update 1: See related blog post from Philippe Mougin