- August 24, 2009

We are very happy to announce that we have agreed with Manning to publish a “Restlet in Action” book that will cover in depth the upcoming 2.0 version of the Restlet Framework.

Our goal is to have the book published in fall 2010. However, you will not have to wait so long to start reading it… You will be able to use Manning Early Access Program (MEAP) to get an online access to draft chapters as they are written. This will give you an opportunity to send us feed-back via an online forum.

Restlet in Action

Even better, you can download the green paper “Rethinking Web Development with REST and Restlet” that was published today on Manning’s site and that is based on the chapter 1. Here is also the expected table contents:

Part 1: Getting Started

  • 1. Rethinking web development
  • 2. Designing a RESTful web API
  • 3. Beginning a Restlet application
  • 4. Deploying a Restlet application on premises

Part 2: Getting Ready To Roll Out

  • 5. Producing and consuming Restlet representations
  • 6. Securing a Restlet application
  • 7. Documenting a RESTful web API
  • 8. Enhancing a Restlet application

Part 3: Further Usage Possibilities

  • 9. Deploying a Restlet application in the cloud
  • 10. Using Restlet in browsers and mobile devices
  • 11. Embracing the semantic Web
  • 12. Looking beyond this book

As always, we are looking forward to getting your feed-back on this project, what you expect from it, what you think about the green paper and the overall table of contents.

Update 1: The table of contents has been refreshed to match the latest manuscript version

Update 2: The book is now available in early access !

Part 1: Getting Started
1 Rethinking Web development
2 Designing your REST API
3 Creating your Restlet application
4 Deploying your Restlet application
Part 2: Getting Ready To Roll Out
5 Enhancing your Restlet application
6 Securing your Restlet application
7 Documenting your REST API
8 Embracing the Semantic Web
Part 3: Further Usage Possibilities
9 Using Restlet in the cloud with Google App Engine
10 Using Restlet in browsers with Google Web Toolkit
11 Using Restlet on mobile Android devices
12 Looking beyond this book