- September 28, 2009

We have just reached a new milestone on our exciting Restlet 2.0 roadmap! Our main focus was stability and refactoring after the major goals achieved in Restlet 2.0 M4, for example with the automated editions support and some deep API changes.

Summary of the main changes

  • About 20 bugs were fixed, including a long standing one related to the integration of Restlet with Tomcat and a blocking issue under Macintosh.
  • Most dependencies were updated to their latest version: Grizzly 1.9.18b, Jetty 7.0 RC6 and so on.
  • For better API organization, we moved Message, Request and Response classes from the to the org.restlet package as they are core artifacts of the API used in Uniform interface. We also moved Template and Variable classes from “org.restlet.util”  to “org.restlet.routing” package.
  • In order to support both inbound and outbound routing and filtering of calls for Restlet applications, we have added two properties: “inboundRoot : Restlet” and “outboundRoot : Restlet” to the Application class and deprecated the “root : Restlet” property. This will allow you to easily provide features such as preemptive authentication with the recently added ClientResource class.
  • The ServerResource class has been refactored for a cleaner integration between annotation-based and method-based call processing.
  • A new extension for Microsoft ADO.NET Data Services (previously known as “project Astoria”) was added. It provides a high-level client API based on the ClientResource class that lets you access remote Data Services hosted in an ASP.NET servers or on the Windows Azure cloud computing platform. The extension contains both a code generator for the representation beans and a runtime layer. This extension is in the “org.restlet.ext.dataservices” package and depends on “org.restlet.ext.atom” and “org.restlet.ext.xml” extensions.”
  • The JAXB extension now has its helper to support transparent conversions


Direct contributors

  • Bob Resendes
  • Bruno Harbulot
  • Carsten Lohmann
  • Denys Hryvastov
  • Dustin Jenkins
  • Evgeny Shepelyuk
  • Fabian Mandelbaum
  • Guido Schmidt
  • John Logsdon
  • Marcelo Ochoa
  • Olivier Bruchez
  • Patrick Logan
  • Philippe Mougin
  • Remi Dewitte
  • Rhett Sutphin
  • Rob Heittman
  • Sanjay Acharya
  • Tal Liron

Thanks to all others who helped us in various ways!

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