- November 20, 2009

With the release of Restlet 2.0 M6, we are getting close to a feature freeze. This will happen with the next release, Restlet 2.0 RC1, due for the end of the year. In addition, we are also continuing the support of Restlet 1.1 with the release of version 1.1.7, fixing 11 bugs and adding the […]

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Categories: Restlet Framework
- November 05, 2009

Since the announce of the book last August, we worked hard to write the first chapters, enhance their quality with our development editors and improve the table of contents. In parallel, the Restlet Framework has been quickly moving forward, with Restlet 2.0 M5 released in September and a first release candidate scheduled for the end […]

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Categories: REST, Restlet Framework