- November 05, 2009

Since the announce of the book last August, we worked hard to write the first chapters, enhance their quality with our development editors and improve the table of contents. In parallel, the Restlet Framework has been quickly moving forward, with Restlet 2.0 M5 released in September and a first release candidate scheduled for the end of the year!

Today, Manning has released the early access version of the book (MEAP is Manning Early Access Program) . It gives you the first chapter for free and lets you buy the book to read the other chapters, as soon as they are released. If you purchase the print book version, you will be able to read the electronic version while the book is being completed and then a printed version will be automatically mailed to you by Manning.

Restlet in Action

This early access version is a great opportunity to get you started with version 2.0 of the Restlet Framework and with the design of RESTful Web APIs in general. It also gives you an opportunity to exchange with the authors through a dedicated forum on Manning’s site and help us improve the content and structure while we add more chapters.