- December 10, 2009

The Restlet community is so diverse that it is difficult to cover all related projects and products. Sometimes, it is easier to identify trends and connections. Like for most sectors of the software industry, the Web is exerting a lot of attraction on Content Management Systems (CMS), including Enterprise Content Management  (ECM) and Document Management Systems (DMS).

As a result, those products typically offer a mechanism to programmatically interact with their CMS through the Web, by providing a Web Service API. Ideally, those APIs are designed RESTfully such as Nuxeo ECM which leveraged Restlet. This approach was explained in more depth in a CMSWire article covering Alfresco’s RESTful approach and mentioning Restlet has a good candidate for lighter and more RESTful Web frameworks.

Jalios JCMS, a commercial ECM product, also leverages Restlet for their RESTful OpenAPI. Another nice example of a REST API based on Restlet was recently provided by NeoDoc in their Calenco product, a CMS focusing on the collaborative edition of documents such as strategic business documents, technical documentation, user guides, quality manuals or security procedures.

While each of those REST APIs supports the special features of their related CMS, users might prefer for some scenarios to use a more generic REST API, not tightened to a particular vendor or project. This is the purpose of the Content Management Interoperability Services (CMIS) standardization effort. Version 1.0 is currently is final review stages, and seems to be gaining a lot of traction.

However, Roy T. Fielding expressed some critics on the initial draft in this blog post, pointing to its lack of RESTfulness and the fact that it was too focused on document management instead of content management as its name implies. It seems that the RESTfulness concerns were mostly addressed, but not the one of the scope of the specification . Note that Nuxeo already supports CMIS and that Jalios has planned its support as well.

Finally, there is a new trend in CMS called Web Content Management (WCM), focusing on the online edition of Web documents and Web sites in general. This family includes Wiki software like the powerful and open source XWiki which also leverages Restlet for their REST API.

Another illustration of this trend leading to more and more convergence of CMS towards the Web are major online services like Google Docs and Microsoft OfficeLive, enabling the collaborative edition of enterprise content, progressively blurring the line with regular Web content. As a final illustration of how Restlet can successfully support the development of WCM systems, I recommend you to have a look at GoGoEgo, a very promising open source RESTful WCM recently launched by Solertium.

Their solution not only provides a REST API, but is fully designed as a RESTful Web application, with an administrative front-end based on GWT and the ability to be hosted on the cloud with Google AppEngine. Solertium is also a strong supporter and contributor to the Restlet project, as illustrated in this passionate post from their CTO about friendly frameworks!

Update : Mentionned CMIS implementors. Adjusted wording regarding Roy & CMIS based on feed-back from Benoît Dissert of Jalios