- March 15, 2010

The first release candidate of version 2.0 of the Restlet Framework has just been released. This is an important step toward our 2.0.0 version as the features scope has been completed and critical bugs have been fixed.

We can now enter the stabilization phase, fixing as many issues as possible to reach theĀ  level of quality for production applications. We encourage all Restlet developers to review the list of open issues and contribute by entering new issues, adding comments to help fixing them and even better to contribute patches!

Another effort has been started to update the user guide to match the API changes and new features in version 2.0. For example, the table of contents has been simplified, changes since version 1.1 have been summarized and an extensions matrix has been added. This is a collaborative effort and new authors are also encouraged to participate.

Main changes

  • Various cleanings to the Restlet API. Added Expectation and RecipientInfo classes in to support the HTTP Expect and Via headers.
  • Refactoring and cleaning of all the XML extensions. The dependency from JAXB and JiBX extensions to org.restlet.ext.xml has been removed.
  • Enhanced the CLAP connector to support a default authority (“class”) for shorter URIs (ex: “clap:///org/restlet/Uniform.class”). Added LocalReference#createClapReference(int, Package) and createClapReference(Package) methods to help building shorter CLAP URIs.
  • The Data Services extension for Microsoft ADO.NET/WCF has been renamed to OData as the protocol specification has recently been opened up. Added support for new features such as projections, blobs, server-side paging, row counts, customizable feeds or version headers. See related blog post.
  • 20 bugs have been fixed including one preventing the compilation of annotated interfaces in the GWT edition and another annoying one eating the query part of URIs with the default connector.
  • All the library dependencies have been updated, for example Spring to 3.0.1, Jackson to 1.4.3, Jettison to 1.2, Apache Lucene to 2.9 or Apache Velocity to 1.6.3.

Direct contributors

  • Andreas Schneider
  • Bryan Hunt
  • Carsten Lohmann
  • Daniel Truemper
  • Fabian Mandelbaum
  • Harald Pehl
  • John Wismar
  • Laszlo Megyer
  • Laurent Rustuel
  • Martin Kubincanek
  • Masaki Sudo
  • Nicolas Rinaudo
  • Nirav Shah
  • Rhett Sutphin
  • Rickard Oberg
  • Tal Liron
  • Tim Peierls
  • Xavier Mehaut
  • Zsolt Czinkos

Thanks to all others who helped us in various ways!

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