- October 07, 2011

Here is the first Release Candidate of 2.1 which freezes the features scope and the public Restlet API. It also marks the beginning of a stabilization and optimization phase.

In order to reach 2.1.0 early next year, we want to fix as many issues reported in our tracked as possible and welcome any help on this front, especially reproducible test cases and patches.

We will also complete the Restlet in Action book, which has already 10 chapters out of 11 written and most appendices ready as well. Manning should be sending a MEAP update emails very soon now, taking into account great feed-back from readers and technical reviewers.

In the coming weeks, we will also start working on version 2.2, but we will come back on this exciting topic in another blog post !

Bug fixed

First, the 2.0.10 version fixes 11 issues on the stable branch including:

  • HTTP DIGEST signature issues when targeting several URIs
  • Web form empty issue on the GAE edition
  • RDF writing issue with XML and n3 formats

Major changes

In addition, version 2.1 RC 1 contains several major enhancements and new features summarized below.

  • Added ChallengeScheme.HTTP_AWS_QUERY constant to Crypto extension with client-side support for Amazon Web Services special authentication scheme (using URI query parameters)
  • Better handling of special URI characters when encoding and decoding to workaround JDK’s URLEncoder/Decoder limitations
  • Added syntactic sugar to the RDF extension
  • Added ClientResource#addQueryParameter and addSegment methods
  • Added ClientInfo#certificates and cipherSuite properties
  • Added Authenticator#multiAuthenticating to better control optional authenticators and prevent several authentications if not necessary.
  • Updated all Apache libraries to recent versions
  • Updated Jackson to version 1.9.0
  • Updated FreeMarker to version 2.3.18 (security fix!)


Recent contributors

  • Alex Milowski
  • Arjohn Kampman
  • Avi FlaxBjorn Roche
  • Bryan Hunt
  • Cyril Lakech
  • George Calm
  • Henry Story
  • Matt Stromske
  • Raif S. Naffah
  • Sebastien Schneider
  • Steve Ferris
  • Warren Janssens

Thanks to all others who helped us in various ways for this milestone.

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