- August 23, 2012

Moving closer to the 2.1.0 launch, we have just released two new versions : 2.1 RC6 and 2.0.15. Here is a recap of the main changes and other related news…


Versions 2.1 RC6 contain important enhancements including:

  • Improved internal HTTP connector stability
    • less CPU usage by reducing looping (using changes notification)
    • less garbage collection thanks to limitation of Iterator creation (using indexes instead)
    • some issues remain, especially for HTTPS on Windows
  • The support for HTTPS has been significantly completed and fixed in all connectors for :
    • cipher suites restriction
    • SSL/TLS protocol version restriction
    • client certificate request & requirement setting
  • Updated version of Jetty to 7.6.5 and Jackson to 1.9.8
  • Completed the JsonRepresentation class in the GWT edition for easy handling of JSON arrays, Booleans, Null and String values
  • Content negotation now respects the strict mode setting in ConnegService by returning a 406 error status

Bug fixed

In addition, version 2.0.15 fixes 12 issues on the stable branch including:

  • Concurrency bug upon application start that was especially affecting GAE in thread safe mode.
  • Content range issues.
  • Security issue that could allow JavaScript injection inside entities of error reponses.
  • Case sensitivity issue on query parameters for JAX-RS extension.

“Restlet in Action” in production

The manuscript has been fully revised and copy edited, enhancing both the content and style compared to the recent MEAP versions significantly.

The book is now in the proof reading phase and we expect the print version by mid-September!

Development of version 2.2

We have also started to work on our next version, reaching the following goals:

  • Upgraded the code base and dependencies to Java SE 6
  • Upgraded Jetty to version 8.1 (based on Servlet 3.0)
  • Upgraded Jackson to version 2.0
  • Simplified the build process and Eclipse IDE support (no more PDE/OSGi requirement to import projects)

The latest 2.2 snapshots are available for download on our web site.

In addition, we continue our efforts to refresh our online presence and are now active on Stack Overflow in addition to our traditional mailing list hosted on

See the Restlet web site for additional details and please join us there as it is a compelling way to ask questions that can concern several communities such as when using Restlet on GAE with Objectify.

In addition, we have been increasingly active on Twitter. To discuss Restlet, we encourage you to use the #restlet hash tag. You can also follow us via these accounts:

  • @restlet_org for tweets related to Restlet open source project
  • @apispark for the upcoming APISpark PaaS edition of Restlet Framework
  • @jlouvel for tweets from Restlet’s creator

Finally, we are still planning to migrate the mailing list to Google Groups in the future but don’t want to disrupt too many channels at the same time…

Recent contributors

  • Abdunnassar Usman
  • Andreas Schnabl
  • Andrew Dennie
  • Bjorn Roche
  • Christian Bauer
  • Christophe Gueret
  • Danny Leshem
  • David Fuchs
  • Enoch Stephen
  • James Moger
  • Jean Duteau
  • Jim Trainor
  • Jim Zuber
  • Lukas Niemeier
  • Mark Kharitonov
  • Peter Ansell
  • Rob Heittman
  • Tim Peierls
  • Yan Zhou
  • Yunwu Zhu

Thanks to all others who helped us in various ways.

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