Today we are rolling out a third release of APISpark beta. The previous releases are described in blog posts #1 and #2. If you want an access to the beta, please share your interest in APISpark on Twitter (@apispark). Also, you might want to read our latest “How much REST should your web API get?” […]

- May 21, 2013
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There is an ongoing debate to determine the best practices of API design. This is often related to the following terms: Hypermedia APIs (see this O’Reilly book) REST endpoints (see Roy T. Fielding’s tweet) REST APIs (see this  O’Reilly book and Roy T. Fielding’s blog post) RESTful Web Services (see this O’Reilly book) RESTful Web APIs (see our ‘Restlet in Action’ book) Pragmatic […]

- May 02, 2013
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