- September 18, 2013

After a big push on the APISpark front during the summer, it was time to release new versions of the Restlet Framework.

2.1 branch (stable)

Since last announcement, we released both versions 2.1.3 and 2.1.4, fixing ten issues including:

  • Security issue with JavaBeans object de-serialization mechanism, now been disabled by default
  • HTTP status error in AJAX with old IE versions
  • Extension headers are now copied from JAX-RS API response to Restlet API response
  • JSON extension building has been fixed for GWT edition
  • Infinite loop in Feed class of Atom extension
  • Date concurrency issue due to broken caching attempts

Logo Restlet Framework

2.2 branch (testing)

In addition, here are the main changes made to the 2.2 branch:

  • Added GSON extension, supporting Google’s serialization library between Java and JSON
  • OAuth 2.0 extension upgraded to support final OAuth 2.0 specification
  • All bugs fixes in versions 2.1.3 and  2.1.4

Recent contributors

  • Abraham Kang
  • Alvaro Munoz
  • David Jorm
  • Dinis Cruz
  • Koen Maes
  • Loïc Oudot
  • Mark Kharitonov
  • Neal Mi
  • Robert Fischer
  • Shotaro Uchida
  • Tim Peierls

Thanks to all others who helped us in various ways.

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