- September 23, 2013

Summer has been hot for the APISpark team. We improved the overall platform stability, fixed more than 50 issues, and added many new features. Today, we are happy to roll out a new release in production!

Re-expose your backend as web APIs

Today, mobile and HTML 5 applications are connected. These applications rely on a cloud backend to store user and shared data. Beside the lengthy Do It Yourself (DIY) approach, many developers prefer to rely on BaaS (Backend as a Service) providers such as Parse, StackMob and Firebase.

Several developers came to us asking for an easy and flexible way to re-expose data contained in their mobile backends. Moreover, these developers want to add business value to their data through custom, domain specific Web APIs. In other words, the built-in Web API provided for free by their traditional BaaS lacks flexibility and extensibility to suit their needs.

This is where APISpark’s new “Entity Store Wrappers” come into play, providing an easy way to expose one or multiple custom API on top of an existing BaaS. Click above to follow the APISpark tutorial for each wrapper.

Turn your Google Spreadsheets into APIs

In addition, we have worked on an integration with Google Spreadsheet. This brand new wrapper helps you expose structured data while keeping the ability to edit them using your traditional spreadsheet UI. We strongly believe that this wrapper will suit a large set of user needs and specifically Open Data use cases.

Expose your Database in the Cloud as APIs

To finish with, we also added a wrapper for any JDBC data sources, such as classic relational databases as explained in this tutorial. We have plans for additional entity wrappers, so please give us feedback on the integration models you would like to see work on.

Serve your existing files stored in AWS S3

Even though APISpark already comes with built-in file stores, internally backed by AWS S3, some users want to re-expose files stored in their own AWS S3 account. Thanks to the new File Store wrapper, APISpark supports this scenario as explained in this tutorial.

Our plan is to incrementally add new wrappers. Google Drive comes next on our list.

Many more enhancements!

In addition to these new wrappers, we have added many features based on your feed-back including:

  • GWT and Android client SDKs

  • Source code export for your web APIs (based on the open source Restlet Framework)

  • Support for GitHub login and more providers

  • Subscription management (plan selection, payment, billing)

  • Deployment region can now be selected (US-West or EU-West right now)

  • Enhanced dashboard filters, full-text capabilities, instant search

  • Terms of Use and Privacy Policy pages

Next steps

If you don’t have an APISpark account yet, we invite you to sign up for the beta. And if you can’t  wait to discover APISpark, walk through our first tutorial. If you want to know what is coming next, please check our updated public roadmap.

Thanks for all your feed-back. We can’t wait to seeing what you will build with APISpark!