- December 23, 2013

The APISpark team is happy to report the launch of its public beta. The access is no longer restricted and you can sign up today to create your first API on!

The launch was announced during the APIDays Conference (December 4th – 5th 2013) in Paris and feedback so far has been very encouraging. See this report on our participation to the event.


When signing up for APISpark, you will be able to follow tutorials to get you started and become familiar with the platform.

If you encounter any issue, you can let us know via the Help Desk so we can look into it and fix it. By doing so, you will be contributing to the successful development of APISpark and for that, we thank you.

New features and enhancements

Since our last release, we have made the following changes:

HTTPS endpoints for subdomains
We had previously announced HTTPS access to both the APISpark public web site and the console. Well, now you can also deploy your APIs safely as we have added HTTPS endpoints for all domains.

HTTPS endpoints

We also fixed SSL certificates to prevent unecessary browser warnings.

Quick export of Data Stores as Web APIs

Previously, creating a regular CRUD web API from an entity store required several steps including:

  • switching from the entity store to the dashboard
  • creating a new custom web API
  • importing the entity store from the API via the settings tab
  • launching the feature adding the resources from the store
  • switching to the API overview to see the new API contract

While this only takes five minutes to achieve, we realized that these steps are not very intuitive for new users. This is where the new API export feature really helps.

Quick export

Instead of five steps, you can now do all this in a single step! We have added an “Export custom API” action to the actions menu of entity stores (and also to file stores).

That action displays a special Web API creation wizard, right inside the store page. Once you fill out all the info and click on “Create”, you directly see the API overview of the new API.

Global ordering review

In this version, we also revamped the ordering of items displayed in the console, such as the properties of an entity and the list of resources of an API.

We now guarantee that their visual order will be maintained and will be logical as it can have some impact at runtime, for example on routing of API calls.


As you can see above, you can easily drag & drop a resource to change its order as well.

Misc changes

To ensure an efficient recovery plan, your structured data (store via the default entity stores) is now replicated 3 times in 2 regions (USA and Europe).

The next step for us it now to also replicate the web APIs and provide a cross-region deployment and availability of those APIs.

Finally, we also fixed about 18 bugs in this new release.

From all the Restlet team, we wish you Happy Holidays!

Swann Vichot

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