- February 11, 2014

Kin Lane, API Evanglist, has been in the technology space for over 20 years and wants to help the world understand the great value and potential that is growing in the web API market.

To do so, he teamed up with GigaOM Research and Restlet to write a comprehensive guide to web APIs. Follow Kin on Twitter: @kinlane

Kin Lane, API Evangelist

Following are the summary and a few extracts of the guide. Download the full electronic version here: A Field Guide to Web APIs.

  • Executive Summary
  • What are APIs used for?
  • Why are web APIs different?
  • History of web APIs
  • What technology goes into an API?
  • Deploying your web API
  • Established practices for managing APIs
  • Marketing and API evangelism
  • The Future of Web APIs
  • Cloud Trends
  • Key takeaways

“A new breed of web API has emerged, delivering a vision of a lightweight, low-cost approach to connect devices and allowing applications to exchange data efficiently.”

“The most popular approach to delivering web APIs is REpresentational State Transfer (REST). This approach to API design takes advantage of the same internet mechanisms used to view regular web pages, so it has the advantage of faster implementations and is easier for developers to understand and put to use.”

“A company with resources to deploy and maintain websites can easily research and deploy APIs using the growing variety of available API frameworks such as Restlet […]”.

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“A handful of solutions such as APISpark […] have emerged in the past year to provide API deployment as a service. They connect to existing or new data sources and then generate web APIs complete with a portal and management tools.”

“Cloud API deployment from common data sources is making API deployment accessible to the masses, enabling API deployment of numerous resources easier for developers while making API deployment something even a nondeveloper can understand.”

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“PaaS, which is one of the fastest-growing aspects of web and mobile development, provides an API-driven suite of tools that provides essential services for developers in a pay-as-you-go approach. This is the next generation of business utilities designed for developer consumption.”

Download the full electronic version here: A Field Guide to Web APIs.

The research report was underwritten by Restlet.