- May 06, 2014

We are happy to announce the release of two Restlet Framework versions:
2.3 M2 and 2.2.1. We also made changes on website, covering the web API platform, including of course the open source Restlet Framework and the related APISpark PaaS as well.

Please feel free to comment below if you have suggestions for the website. Are there any sections you would like us to focus on? Are the answers to your questions easy to find? Any feedback is welcome!


What’s new?

Version 2.3 M2 (testing)

Automated documentation via APISpark
The extension for APISpark now includes an Introspector tool that can analyze your existing Restlet Application (no modification required), extract its web API definition and push it to for online and intuitive documentation.

integration AS and RF_3Your web API documentation on APISpark can be set as either public or private. We will quickly expand support to add full API management support including:

  • Auto-generated client SDKs
  • User management
  • IP blocking and rate limitation
  • Usage reports

Learn more by reading the APISpark extension page in Restlet user guide.



  • Added HTTPS support to Jetty 9.1 connector. Next we’ll add SPDY support
  • ServletWarEntity and ZipEntryEntity ignore the timeToLive parameter
  • ServletWarEntity isn’t limited anymore to file system modification dates

Bug fixed

  • Added copy of Servlet request parameters to the Restlet request attributes
  • Stripped Servlet container generated “jsessionid” matrix parameter
  • All bugs fixed in 2.2.1 (see below)


  • Removed unnecessary “.properties” files from the distributions
  • Added mention of edition and version in Javadoc header
  • Lowered trace level from ‘info’ to ‘fine’ for OBAP pseudo client

What’s coming next? Check out our updated road map.


Version 2.2.1 (stable)

Bug fixed

  • Fixed missing internal FTP client and HTTPS server connector registration.
  • Removed extra console traces left by mistake.
  • Fixed missing default values for DefaultSslContextFactory attributes.
  • Removed unnecessary “.properties” files from the distributions.
  • Prevented NPE in org.httpclient.internal.HttpMethodCall.getStatusCode.
  • Fixed CompositeHelper.handle fails when Component has no inbound filters.
  • Stabilized Swagger documentation for JAX-RS applications.

Recent contributors

  • Claus Ibsen
  • Emanuele Massara
  • Jeremy Gustie
  • Jiri Ramte
  • Roy Olsen
  • Steve Rowe
  • Tal Liron

Thanks to all others who helped us in various ways.

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A Field Guide to Web APIs by Kin Lane

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