- July 09, 2014

In light of all the summer festivities, sport events and buzzing bees, we recently released version Beta 2.2 of APISpark. We think that’s pretty exciting as this version includes:


This new Swagger integration in APISpark lets you display the Swagger UI and embed it in your developer portal. Basically, any web API that you create using APISpark now automatically maintains and hosts an up-to-date Swagger JSON definition.

It works for manually crafted APIs as well as those generated based on APISpark data stores (such as a local Cassandra database, an external SQL database, a Google Spreadsheet, a Parse or Firebase backend). This Swagger definition is also used to produce an API Commons manifest.


We are currently working on embedding the Swagger Code Generation to provide additional high-level client SDKs (Scala, Flash, Objective-C, PHP, Python or Ruby) and server skeletons (to bootstrap manual API implementations). For now, experienced developers can manually use the open source Swagger tooling and take advantage of existing client SDKs for Java, JavaScript, Android and GWT.

Custom identifiers

Foot-long primary keys based on UUIDs are now optional. You can chose a custom pattern that makes sense for your data set. Here are some notable differences between the two that can help you choose the best alternative:

  • For POST requests:
    • in generated mode, a UUID is automatically computed,
    • in custom mode, a verification of the user provided ID is made and an error returned when existing IDs are already used.
  • For PUT requests
    • in generated mode, the request will only succeed if the ID exists,
    • in custom mode, it overrides the resource state if the ID already exists, otherwise it creates it.

Design time validation

Several validation checks have been added to the APISpark console when designing. Examples:

Error messages

You will now be prompted with a relevant message if you try to delete an element dependent on another one. This will prevent you from breaking anything without knowing about it first!

Restlet in the Press


Last month, Jerome Louvel – Restlet co-founder – became an Official Community Editor for the Web API topic. Here are the first articles he’s published:

API Evangelist

Read what Kin Lane’s been saying about Restlet and APISpark:

Disclosure: Restlet is an API Evangelist partner


Mark Boyd from ProgrammableWeb also wrote a thorough summary of all the API goodness announced during the Gluecon conference in May:

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