- November 18, 2014

Today, after more than one year of development and several months of beta testing, we have released the GA version of APISpark: the first Platform as a Service dedicated to the creation and management of web APIs.

The entire Restlet team is super excited about this release, and as Chief Geek, I am really proud of the work they have done. APISpark is a unique solution, by its rich set of features, its ease of use, and its reliability. With this solution, we are enabling developers (and non-developers too) to create and make available to consumers their data, their business logic, and even their existing APIs, in minutes.

APISpark whiteBg_high_res

API Management is a hot topic these days, and Restlet is on track to change the competitive landscape. I will be getting back to this topic in further posts, but essentially I don’t think any vendor has built API Management tools that focus first on the API developer. With zero install, a short learning curve, and – most importantly I think – a no-commitment, no-lock-in adoption model, there is nothing that prevents any developer to give it a try.

Allow me to highlight the process:

  • Sign-up for an APISpark account. The process uses social sign-in: you simply use your existing Google, GitHub, Facebook, etc. account – no need to create a new one. And it’s free.

  • Then, if you want to create a new API: Create a data store, either from scratch or by linking to an existing data source. Then create an API that will provide read/write access to your datastore.

  • Or, if you alreadyhave an API (built in any language): Connect APISpark to your API

  • Deploy and publish your API, and provide the client SDKs to your consumers.

Sounds too simple? Too easy? Well, it is that simple and easy. And there is a wealth of documentation and tutorials to guide you along the way. Try it for yourself, you’ll see.  Just go to and click on “Sign In”.

APISpark cell page


And feel free to share your first experience by commenting on this post.


Jérôme Louvel
Chief Geek and Founder