- December 04, 2014

A few days ago, we announced the general availability of APISpark, the first PaaS for APIs supporting both the full stack creation and deployment of data driven APIs, as well as the management of external APIs.

We received a great feedback so far from our current users, journalists and API experts, thanks everyone! Here are some articles covering the launch:

APISpark whiteBg_high_res


The GA version of APISpark brings a lot of improvements in terms of quality of service with higher availability and better UX. The whole user interface has be rewritten with a slicker look&feel in AngularJS, more visual feedback and interactive tutorials added right inside the console for easier on-boarding.

We’ve moved to simpler pricing based on the number of concurrent clients. It is still free to get started. You only pay when you have significant traffic on your API. Payment processing is based on an API of course, provided by Stripe.


The GA also brings these additional features:

  • 1) API introspector to extract and synchronize API documentation from source code
  • 2) API connectors to manage external APIs written in any language, with native integration within Restlet Framework
  • 3) API firewall including rate limitation in addition to IP filtering
  • 4) Generation of client SDKs and server skeletons based on Swagger 2.0 toolchain
  • 5) APIs exported from local entity stores have greatly improved query capabilities (paging, sorting, filtering)
  • 6) Import & export API languages (RAML, Swagger, API Commons)
  • 7) Import entity store schemas based on DDL scripts
  • 8) Bulk export data as CSV files
  • 9) Integrated backup and restore of entity stores
  • 10) Revisions management (history like GDocs) for easier API crafting.


What’s coming up next?

Over the next weeks, we will continue our efforts to improve the quality of service on all fronts, especially the UX with better deployment experience, interactive assistants and entity browser.

We will also keep building bridges between Restlet Platform products and enhance our support for the management of external APIs.

Stay tuned!