- December 04, 2014

Integrates Visual IDE, Open Source Framework, and Platform-as-a-Service for Web APIs

Palo Alto, Calif., December 3, 2014 — Restlet, creators of the most widely deployed framework for APIs, today announced the general availability of their API platform, that consists of Restlet Studio, the world’s first browser-based IDE for APIs, APISpark, Restlet’s recently launched Platform-as-a-Service for web APIs, and Restlet Framework, the most popular open source framework for developing APIs in Java. Built based on feedback from members of the 100,000-developer-strong Restlet community, Restlet’s API platform addresses the growing need for consumers and corporate users to access data and business logic in real-time from any application on any device, mobile, or desktop.

“Businesses are rapidly embracing the digital world, by including their customers in key business processes. APIs are the glue that makes this new type of digital connection possible,” said Matthieu Hug, CEO of Fujitsu RunMyProcess. “We have been leveraging Restlet’s API platform to optimize the development and management of the web APIs we expose to our clients, and are extremely pleased to see the addition of new components that increase the solution’s API lifecycle coverage.”

Developers can get their first experience with the Restlet API platform through Restlet Studio. The browser-based IDE for APIs can be accessed for free at Designed by leading experts on REST architecture, the new API crafting environment allows developers to rapidly create API implementations by automatically building configuration files, client SDKs, and server skeletons without having to master Swagger, RAML, JSON, or YAML.

Restlet Studio integrates with APISpark and Restlet Framework, providing a comprehensive platform for the entire lifecycle of API development, including design, development, hosting and management. It will immediately benefit both developers who need to expose data but are not experts in the REST architecture style as well as API experts who already use Restlet Framework to develop APIs.

“We developed Restlet Studio after hearing from API developers that they needed to streamline the design of APIs through a simple, visual environment that supports the most popular API languages,” said Jerome Louvel, founder and chief geek at Restlet. “While it brings tremendous value as a standalone product, Restlet Studio is also a key component of Restlet’s API platform through which developers are able to create and manage APIs – and share them easily with other developers.”

Key features of Restlet Studio include:
– Visual designer to define and edit the endpoints, methods and representations of RESTful APIs;
– Support for content negotiation between JSON, YAML, XML, and more;
– Full page UI built using AngularJS with scrollable navigation panel allows developers to easily deal with complex APIs and large numbers of resources;
– API language translator allows switching back and forth between Swagger and RAML with automatic, one-click synchronization;
– Server skeleton generator takes the API design and automatically creates code to bootstrap the API implementation;
– Automatic client SDK generation using APISpark and Swagger toolchains.

APISpark is a cloud service for developers seeking to quickly publish and manage APIs, and businesses that want to give application and website developers access to their data. Anyone can go to the APISpark site at and use a web browser to securely create and publish REST APIs in minutes.Restlet Framework is the world’s most popular API development framework with 2 million downloads and a community of 100,000 developers. The open source framework is freely available from the Restlet web site at or by git on GitHub.

Restlet Studio is free to use without restriction. Running in a browser, it requires no installation or configuration. More information on Restlet Studio is available at

About Restlet
Restlet knows about APIs. The company develops and sells software that helps developers connect with business data and technology through a combination of open source and on-demand tools. Restlet’s comprehensive API platform powers the entire lifecycle of APIs, from design to development, hosting, and management. Founded and run by Jerome Louvel, a respected author and speaker on the topic of APIs, the company has US headquarters in Palo Alto, California. For more information please visit or follow @restlet on Twitter.


Craig Oda for Restlet, Inc.