- February 17, 2015

DynArchi, a dynamic architecture and storage application for cinema and audiovisual, organizes audiovisual post-production with APISpark.

Palo Alto, Calif., February 18th, 2015 – Restlet, creators of the most widely deployed framework for APIs, today announced that Mikros Images and Orfeo have selected Restlet for the DynArchi project, a dynamic architecture to archive movies, documentaries and film.

The DynArchi application consists of two components, a mastering and storage pipeline to archive files for digital labs and a web application to provide a film catalog and jobs tracking after the film is produced for independent film producers.

In order to provide a link between the data processing, audiovisual content management, and media processing tools, the DynArchi team needed a robust, flexible, and modular infrastructure that could scale.

Restlet cornerstone of the DynArchi project

Mikros Images and Orfeo chose Restlet’s API design and management platform, APISpark, to host the DynArchi application. As the only Platform-as-a-Service dedicated to web APIs, APISpark enables development teams to design APIs visually with a point-and-click interface and to deploy them quickly in a robust and flexible architecture.

Throughout the project, Restlet provided both support of their APISpark platform and expertise in the design and architecture of web APIs.

“Restlet’s contribution to the DynArchi project is invaluable,” said Florence Brissard, director of operations at Orfeo. “Their expertise in the field of APIs and REST architecture concepts is very impressive, and we are pleased to benefit from this expertise throughout the design of the project. DynArchi’s web catalog is based on the APISpark platform and we are fully satisfied with its features as well as its usage flexibility.”

DynArchi relies on APISpark  for the following:

  • Hosting of the front-end application, made in AngularJS, and the access controls on each of its elements;
  • Storage for the catalog of each production company’s data;
  • A bridge, through the web application, between the audiovisual content stored in the Cloud and the infrastructure for the project;
  • Ability to import existing data (content catalogs, contact files, etc.) via dedicated migration APIs;
  • Steering tools for processing and viewing media that perform the tasks demanded by the users. This control is done through API calls to trigger work orders and retrieve information about their status.

“Web APIs allow development teams like DynArchi to simply and quickly develop both data-driven applications and ensure interaction with back office technology,” said Jerome Louvel, chief geek and founder of Restlet. “This architectural style separates the various modules and simplifies maintenance and scalability of the application, all the while providing a robust, reliable and secure infrastructure.”


More information on DynArchi, including how they rely on Restlet to provide indexing and content search, federated identity, and secure access is available in a research and development presentation on DynArchi.


About the DynArchi project

DynArchi is an R&D project responding to the call for projects: “Technologies for Digital Content”, proposed by the National Fund for the Digital Society. Funded by the Caisse des Dépôts et Consignations with the administrative support of the DGE (formerly DGCIS), the project is certified by Cap Digital.  The DynArchi project aims to develop: A pipeline for mastering and storage of heritage films and fresh films; A web application for independent producers to manage and precisely catalog the aforementioned films, also including monitoring their post-production work and their deliverables.

DynArchi is steered by Mikros Images, leading manufacturer and mastering digital video content, and directed by Orfeo, audiovisual heritage management specialist with the support of Restlet, provider of the first Platform-as-a-Service dedicated to web APIs, and Neo Telecoms for its cloud infrastructure. The following production companies bring their user expertise: Mascaret Films, les Films Pelléas and Xilam Animation.