- March 12, 2015

The version of APISpark we just deployed introduces a new feature to accelerate the creation of APIs: the Quickstart Wizard. This neat new wizard provides step-by-step guidance for the most common tasks APISpark users perform.

Wizard options include:

  • Create an API: in just a couple clicks, you will create a REST API to expose data, its associated data store (in the form of an Entity Store), and all the proper links between the Entity Store and the Web API.
  • Manage an API: through the wizard, you can connect to an existing API, import its Swagger description, and setup authentication (who can call the API), authorization (what the user has access to), firewall protection (rate limitation, IP filtering) and analytics on usage.
  • Document an API: simply by pointing to its Swagger description, the wizard will generate complete user documentation for your API.

But there is more. To make the API creation process as intuitive and easy as possible, you can also have the Quickstart Wizard automatically create a sample data structure and its associated records in the Entity Store, and deploy both the Entity Store and the API. This way, you can immediately perform test calls, requesting and inserting records – and of course modify the sample data structure to fit your own model.

The Quickstart Wizard starts automatically the first time you launch APISpark. In the future, you will be able to launch it at any time by clicking on its button at the right of the dashboard: