- March 19, 2015

APISpark users tell us they love the user guide. Comprehensive, easy to read, with lots of screen captures… We are convinced that good documentation is key to successful adoption of a product such as APISpark.

But when you are in the middle of the action, it’s not always easy to go back and forth between the product and the documentation. This is why we have just introduced inline contextual help in APISpark.

Next time you are scratching your head about which option to select, or what a menu option will do, look for the question mark next to the field / option / button and hover your cursor over it. Like in this example:

Over time, we’ll add more inline contextual help, making it easier to find your way around APISpark and to create or manage your APIs with minimal effort.

If you have done it yet, it’s time to take APISpark for a spin!