- March 20, 2015

As key players in the world of APIs, with our APISpark platform for managing APIs, our Restlet Studio to craft APIs and with the Restlet Framework to build restful Web APIs, we’re watching with passion what’s happening in the land of APIs. And we’re coming across interesting articles, blog posts, that we found valuable to share with our community.

So the idea is that we’re going to publish some regular blog posts which will provide a list of curated links related to APIs. And without further ado, let’s start right now!


The API Handyman (Arnaud Lauret) wrote a couple blog posts on what he calls the Hypermedia API Maturity Model (HAMM), inspired by Leonard Richardson Rest maturity model:

  • Part 1 — Hypermedia-ness, with 4 distinct levels: no hypermedia at all, with links to other resources, with descriptions of further actions that can be done on those resources, and the last level, reaching Hypermedia-nirvana where you know everything you can do with those resources
  • Part 2 — the missing links, where ApiHandyman dives more into the full understanding of Hypermedia, and how you can rate and rank your APIs according to that maturity model

Sometimes, however, reaching the API nirvana isn’t that easy, and you have to take some shortcuts, be pragmatic, and make design choices that might go against the good principles of API design. That’s what Dropbox will be doing, with using POST instead of GET to request some resource. And Dropbox explained the compromise on their tech blog too about the limitations of the GET method in HTTP.

Micro-services and container-based deployments are very fashionable these days, and this nice info-deck from InnoQ covers that topic of self-contained systems, pitching lightweight messaging and restful APIs.

We often hear about startups migrating to the Go programming language for their micro-services, and this article shows how to create basic restful APIs in Go.

If you want to be hip, you can also learn how to create restful APIs with Grails and Spring Security, by Álvaro Sánchez-Mariscal.

Not a new link, but the conversation between Restlet’s Chief Geek Jérôme Louvel and Mike Stowe of MuleSoft on objections to HATEOAS (Hypermedia As The Engine Of Application State) was pretty insightful.

The fine crew of Postman launched Postman v2.0 and are offering a Sync service, so that you can back up your Postman collections, environments, headers, etc, in the cloud, to escape from your browser.

From my former colleagues at Pivotal, this webinar on documenting restful web APIs takes a different approach to the documentation question, rather than through the usual lens of the various API languages available, focusing on a real narrative, onboarding developers to understanding and mastering the API at play. The slides are also available.

Nordic APIs are discussing the topic of Backend as as Service (BaaS) and explaining why you should build apps with an API backend, what are the business benefits of designing with an API first, and more.

Our own Restlet blog’s been busy the past week:

  • APISpark offers a nice quickstart wizard to get started more easily with your first APIs
  • to better understand the key concepts, and guide you through APISpark, we’ve added contextual help hints in key places of the UI
  • and our lead architect, Thierry Templier, wrote a very detailed article on designing web APIs

Last but not least, for further API news, you can also have a look at

Please stay tuned for further posts with useful and interesting content!