- March 26, 2015

Recently, SmartBear took over the Swagger project from its founder Tony Tam. This is exciting news. With the corporate sponsorship of a company like SmartBear, businesses with a stake in Swagger can now work together to take Swagger and API languages to the next level. It’s a huge opportunity for people with a stake in the future of API development.

What we need now is a clear path for both the vibrant Swagger open source community and software vendors to work together to agree on a direction for this new chapter in Swagger development.

The Restlet open source community is affected by the move since Swagger is one of the core API languages we support, alongside RAML and other languages. With over 2 million downloads of Restlet Framework, I feel our community will have a large voice in helping Swagger be great. We care about the future of Swagger, and we at Restlet are ready to pitch in to help it along.

As part of the Swagger community, we would like to hear answers to these questions as soon as possible:

  • Governance — How can the community get involved? Members of the community want to be involved in the specification of the Swagger language and would like to know how this input takes place.
  • Open source tooling — It would be great if SmartBear could confirm that the open source Swagger tooling will continue to be developed and supported as a top priority. The concern from the open source community is that proprietary extensions to the tools may take precedence and the open source tools could become weaker over time. Let’s reassure the community that the open source tools will continue to be first class citizens.
  • Independence of community — Will the community be moved under SmartBear or will it remain independent? Let’s make it clear that the community will exist under its own site, mailing list, and discussions, independent of SmartBear.

This is really an exciting time to be involved in API development. Let’s work together and do this right by having an open discussion and debate to move Swagger, API languages, and the entire API development industry forward.

  • Hi Jerome,

    Thanks for this – we definitely have some exciting times ahead of us! The questions you raise are core to our discussions and you can rest assured (pun intended) that it is our intention to keep Swagger and its tools open source and the community independent of SmartBear.

    Looking forward to all things to follow!

    SmartBear Software

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