- March 27, 2015

Seems that you enjoyed the first edition of “this week in API land”? So let’s continue on our journey to share interesting API related content!

First of all, I’d like to start with birthday wishes! cURL just turned 17 last week!

All API developers have come to be pretty intimate with cURL when interacting with web APIs from their terminal command-line. Daniel Stenberg, cURL creator, is still the one maintaining it to this day, and he talks about the history of this venerable tool, as well as the Open Source aspects of this journey.

In API business news, the well-known API platform company Apigee is filing for IPO! Big congrats to them! Kin Lane reflects on this IPO and API Management. And ProgrammableWeb mentions it too when reporting that the API economy sees increased Venture Capitalist interest.

Gregor Hohpe, famous for his Enterprise Integration Patterns work, wrote about what he calls Restful conversations, the flow of messages or interactions with Rest services, what steps are available next in the workflow, etc.

Randall Degges, developer evangelist at StormPath, convincingly praises Basic Auth over OAuth for authentication, because if its simplicity and ease of use, over the arcane OAuth approach.

Reverb announces that SmartBear will now be leading the development of Swagger. Apigee reflects upon Swagger’s future, and 3Scale comments too. Kin Lane also believes this move will make Swagger shift gears. Last but not least, our very own Jérôme Louvel, chief geek here at Restlet, is looking forward to getting Swagger right!

Speaking of Swagger, Microsoft latest Azure App Service is standardizing on Swagger for describing APIs.

Google’s Dart language can actually be used on the server-side as well, and Google released a package to help write REST APIs in Dart.

The Spring season has started a few days ago… so if you’re a developer using Spring MVC and want to integrate with the Swagger UI, you might want to check out this project, which released a 1.0.1 version. And another article goes through the integration of Spring Boot and Swagger UI.

A detailed article on how to expose a PostgreSQL database as an API through the use of Angular.JS and the ng-admin module for the front-end, and the postgREST connector for exposing the data as a REST API.

Bryson Tyrrel shares his opinions about API design, also covering API versioning. Rob Zazueta exposes his ultimate solution to Rest API versioning thanks to content negotiation.

Manfred Bortenschlager from 3scale explains how to leverage Web APIs in your business, and covers very useful tools for working with and developing APIs like APITools, Postman, Ready! API, Runscope Radar, API Changelog.

Nordic APIs published an interesting article about envisioning the entire API lifecycle, comparing APIs to living & breathing organisms, from inception (strategy and construction), birth (launch of the API), to its death (deprecation). And there’s another article as well on the top 5 API monetization models.

At the SXSW conference, API experts from SoundCloud, Github, Dropbox and IFTTT discuss API trends on dog fooding, on schemas, documentation and client libraries, and about security and authorization.

Sébastien Pierre writes about data APIs, how to design them, and especially how important the storytelling aspect is.

Brant DeBow explains why CTOs should think about building an API first, before a website, to make the project future proof, to cleanly separate business logic from presentation, for easier & cleaner testing, and to address security directly.

More API ecosystem news with Kin Lane’s weekly report! This week, Kin also mentioned our very own article on designing web APIs by Thierry Templier. And I’m also super proud that Kin noted my first week in API land coverage too! And some more news as well, as usual, with API developer weekly.