- April 01, 2015

Guillaume Laforge, of the Groovy programming language project fame, who recently joined Restlet, is making the show at Devoxx France next week with 4 presentations!


Guillaume, Product Ninja and Advocate at Restlet, will be presenting:

  • Machine Learning and Digital Regulation with Didier Girard: Machine Learning is everywhere, to learn from Big Data, do automatic translations, voice recognition, segment consumers through classification, forecast traffic, and more. In this introduction, Didier and Guillaume will be talking about the various families of algorithms, the most famous algorithms, available tools, and more.
  • Groovy with Style: What does idiomatic Groovy code look like? What are the best practices in terms of syntax, of style, of typing preference? What are the nice and friendly shortcuts to make developers more productive? Guillaume will reveal all his Groovy secrets!
  • Groovy and its release process: how we made it Groovy! with Cédric Champeau and Fred Simon: Want to know how the Groovy release cycle went from a whole afternoon of manual actions to minutes in a one-click process? Join Guillaume Laforge, Cédric Champeau, and Fred Simon, JFrog Chief Architect as they explain and show how the Groovy team started to think about release in terms of minutes instead of days thanks to Artifactory and Bintray.
  • Les CastCodeurs Podcast: Closing the show, with the team of the French IT podcast, he will go through the various topics of the conference with selected conference speakers to debate about the hot topics of the year.

If you’re attending Devoxx France, don’t hesitate to bump into Guillaume and start chatting about Web APIs, RESTfulness, programming languages and more!

And maybe after this busy week, Guillaume will be able to take some REST.