- April 07, 2015

Building your Web API is one thing, and APISpark lets you do that, but you’ll quickly need to try that API, see how it works, check out what it returns, as you iterate over its design. That’s why the APISpark API platform is embedding the Swagger UI to allow you to quickly call out the various resources and methods.

Head over to the Overview tab of your Web API, click on the resources and methods in the left panel (or any other section), as shown in the screenshot below. You’ll notice the “Try it out / swagger” button that you can click on, to launch a separate tab in your web browser with the Swagger UI.


The Swagger UI (as shown below) has already the credentials pre-filled, which is handy, saving you some copy and paste operations, but still allowing you to enter other credentials, to test your API with different user accounts.


You can select the list of resources and methods available from your API, along with sample data that you will exchange (data you need to send to a PUT or POST method, as well as the body of the responses that you will receive from a GET method).

You can also specify the query parameters that you want to pass to the call.

And now, just click the “Try it out!” button at the bottom, to see how your API is working!