- April 10, 2015

Ole Lensmar of SmartBear authored a guest post on 3Scale’s blog on Swagger for the masses, covering SmartBear’s plans for Swagger and the governance of the Swagger specification.

With all the buzz around Swagger, I’d like to highlight a recent addition to APISpark: built-in Swagger UI support, to quickly try out your APIs directly from within APISpark.

The latest version of the Postman packaged app is able to import Swagger 2.0 API descriptors, that way, you can directly access all your resources easily. So you can get Postman to ingest APISpark’s Swagger descriptors too, of course!

Chris Latimer from Apigee explains how to build awesome APIs with Grails in this presentation on InfoQ, recorded at the SpringOne2GX 2014 conference.

Arnaud Lauret is going to share a series of blog posts on his API crash test project, showing how to build an API-based project, following good practices, hypermedia conventions, and more.

If you want to know more about real-time APIs, with HTTP streaming, long-polling, websockets and webhooks, head over to this Fanout’s real-time API design guide.

Gunnar Peterson goes through the top 10 API security considerations.

After part 1 on restful API design, CloudElements continues with part 2, on wrapper objects, header metadata, and error responses.

The DropBox blog wonders how many HTTP status codes your API should use and shares a preview of the (somewhat controversial) new DropBox API v2.

Dredd, a tool to ensure your API implementation is in sync with your API Blueprint documentation.

DreamFactory features the first two articles of a series of four on on REST APIs, with “Don’t build your own REST API”, and “Band aids don’t solve REST API complexity”.

Nordic APIs blog features an article on APIs to power the Internet of Things, on why API developer experience matters and how to use hypermedia APIs to deliver HTML with adaptative web design., which morphs Web APIs into streaming ones, launched at the Devoxx France conference.

And as usual, more API news from the API Evangelist Weekly API Report, from API Developer Weekly, and API Magazine Newsletter.