- April 15, 2015

Whether you’re managing an existing API through APISpark, or if you’ve developed a “full stack” API (ie. leveraging the built-in entity store), or are leveraging a wrapper around Google Spreadsheet… you’ll want to know how your API is being used by your consumers!

Fortunately, you can get some great insight through the Analytics section of your Web API! Let’s have a look at the kind of information you can get!


In this first screenshot, you can see:

  • the number of API calls over time
  • the breakdown of inbound vs outbound calls (inbound calls being the calls coming from your API consumers, whereas outbound calls are calls from within the platform)
  • the calls per client type
  • the calls per geography to see where your users are coming from

Let’s continue with the next graphics:


You’ll also be able to learn about:

  • the breakdown of call duration to know how responsive your API is
  • the various response status code returned to your consumers
  • the HTTP methods being used

As soon your API is deployed and is getting called, watch the analytics, they will start to show you great data points right away.