- April 17, 2015

InfoWorld’s Serdar Yegulalp writes about Twitter’s firehose shut-off as a hazard to the API economy. Kin Lane comes back on the topic as well.

Nordics Apis explains that APIs are part of the “creative palette” mentioning the case of Absolut Vodka’s drink API! Bruno Pedro, in part 3 of the API lifecycle development stage speaks about deploying your API. Next, market your API!

Mike Amundsen is working on a book titled Learning Client Hypermedia for O’Reilly, and shares the proposed book cover showcasing a lizard.

DreamFactory continues with part 3 on building reusable REST API services.

I’ll plug in my own latest article on API analytics with APISpark, to know how your API is being used by your consumers.

Mashape releases Mockbin, a nice online Open Source API mocking tool.

Nial Darbey of MuleSoft writes about a layered architecture for the API economy, with experience, process and system layers.

On Information Age, Ben Rossi declares that opening up APIs is not just a developer priority but a business one.

Mark O’Neil from Axway’s Vordel pitches an API manifesto, suggesting to treat the API as a first-class citizen, to build the API first, without tieing it to mobile needs.

Alex Handy of SD Times says that API management comes of age.

OCTO designed a cheat sheet on RESTful API design with common practices in the field.

Being a language geek, I’ll mention how to build a REST API with Haskell and Snap, and another one with Clojure and Snap. And a piece on using JSON web tokens in Node.js.

In terms of API languages, there’s a new version of the Swagger2Markup project to convert Swagger defined APIs into Markdown and Asciidoc.

In other news, Kin Lane’s weekly API report, and Matthew Reinbold’s essential REST API notes, and the API developer weekly newsletter. You can also listen to API Uncensored latest podcast with Marsh Gardiner from Apigee speaking about the fate of Swagger and API management.