- April 24, 2015

Jérôme Louvel interviews RAML creator Uri Sarid for InfoQ and talks about the API industry, governance, technology and acquisitions.

Kirsten Hunter is writing a book called Irresistible APIs, and you can follow the book progress with Manning’s Early Access Program. And if you’re interested, you can use the code “mlhunter” to get a discount (valid till Saturday)!

I’ve blogged about how to analyze your API call logs on the APISpark API platform.

Hypermedia is a hot topic!

Adam Kliment of Apiary shares his presentation of an API survival manual, mentioning Dredd, the API Blueprint testing tool.

Nicolas Grenié of 3scale shared a presentation on APIs as a growth tool.

Runscope now features Swagger, Postman collection and HAR files import, allowing API developers to quickly load their APIs in Runscope to easily test and monitor them.

As we’re mentioning Swagger, at APIDays Berlin, David Garry presented about extending Swagger for virtual, diagnostic-rich APIs.

Spotify open sourced their Python tool called RAMLfications to parse RAML descriptors.

Dropbox revamped their OAuth guide with some clear diagrams describing the OAuth process.

Mike Yockey explores API testing with Postman. And the “ministry of testing” talks about RESTful API testing with Chakram, a JavaScript testing framework for Node.js designed to test JSON REST interfaces.

Dmitry Pokidov writes about Spring Data Rest and projections.

There’s a new version, v0.4.0, of the Swagger to markup project.

Décio Sousa brings in the REST API evolution, always a tricky topic. Bill Doerrfeld covers the history of major public API retirement on Nordic APIs’ blog. And following-up its glimpse into its v2 API, DropBox announces deprecation of its Sync and Datastore APIs.

Bill Appleton published the fourth part of his series on the fact that REST APIs are not enough for enteprise mobile application integration.

Motwin, the creators of, explain their choice of using Server-Sent Events of WebSockets for streaming APIs.

Api2cart reminds us that we should not neglect API security and provides some recommendations along the way. And they recently shared a list of interesting API-related blog posts.

Let’s finish with a fun note, with the Rappers edition and Dogs edition of HTTP status codes!

And for more news, you’ve got Kin Lane’s weekly API report, Matthew Reinbold’s essential REST API notes, and the duo of API developer weekly.