- May 15, 2015

Let’s start with a shameless plug, with Restlet being proud to announce that Gartner named Restlet a Cool Vendor in specialized PaaS! Go, team, go!!! And I’ve also posted a new article on deeper domain models with APISpark’s composite properties.

Happy birthday to Runscope for their 2nd anniversary!

Arnaud Lauret, aka API Handyman, asks if we really know why we prefer REST over RPC, and contrasts the two approaches (spoiler REST wins!)

Daniel Stenberg gives a status update on the cURL HTTP/2 support, and recently gave a presentation on HTTP/2. He also runs a cURL user poll if you want to participate.

On API2Cart’s blog: what REST API services can expect from HTTP/2.

Kin Lane shares his thoughts on the technology, business and politics of APIs with a history of his own API backend, and puts his toes in the hypermedia waters by test driving Siren for his own APIs.

Owen Rubel authored a guest blog post on API Evangelist explaining why the API pattern is broken and how it can be fixed. And InfoQ published a video of his presentation on API abstraction and API chaining with the Grails web framework, recorded at the SpringOne2GX conference.

Manfred Bortenschlager delivers part 6 of his building effective API programs with API operations.

Matthew Reinbold writes about the necessity of API governance, comparing the favela vs planned community approaches.

Mateu Aguiló Bosch describes the inherent virtues of an API, beyond decoupling, an API being a communication interface.

On TechCrunch, Ron Miller writes that APIs fuel the software that’s eating the world.

VentureBeat announces Twilio’s $100 million investment round, giving the company an impressive one billion dollar valuation.

Joannes Vermorel claims that nearly all web APIs get paging wrong.

MailChimp announces their v3 API (also covered on their dev blog).

An interview with Nordic APIs co-founder Travis Spencer on great APIs, API security, the future of APIs, and more.

Speaking of Nordic APIs, on their blog, Kristopher Sandoval talks about API security and the 4 defenses of the API stronghold, and about equipping your API with the right armor (on approaches for public, partner, and private APIs).

Bobby Warner writes about APIs with the Grails web framework and OAuth 2.

Still in the Groovy realm (Grails is a Groovy based web framework), Ken Kousen presented a fun talk about Groovy and REST.

Apigee published the slides, video and audio of a presentation on the making of the Swagger Editor.

Kyle Fuller published his slide deck on embracing change with REST.

At EclipseCon, Preeti Lovekar and Simon Lemay discussed the Do’s and Don’ts of Internet of Things APIs.

A quick tutorial explains how to use to get realtime updates of RSS feeds from Yahoo! pipes.

In our previous edition, I gave lots of links on what happened to APIDays / API Strat Berlin, and we have some more slides and videos coming this week, as well as some from APIDays Mediterranea:

Mike Amundsen details the upcoming RestFest unconference on his blog.

Some interesting findings:

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