- May 20, 2015

gr8conf-europe-2015-logoWith his Groovy hat on, Restlet Product Ninja & Advocate, Guillaume Laforge, will be speaking at the GR8Conf Europe conference in Copenhagen (Denmark), early June. And Restlet is happy to announce it is sponsoring the event!

Guillaume will be giving three presentations:

  • State of the Groovy Nation: to update the Groovy community with the latest status and latest development of the Groovy programming language project
  • Groovy, with Style: where attendees will be able to learn about some of the cool tricks provided by the language, programming style guidance, in the form of a funny picture quiz game
  • Rest Groovy: in this last session, Guillaume will wear his two hats, Groovy and Rest, explaining how Groovy can help with RESTful Web APIs

GR8Conf is a conference dedicated to the Groovy ecosystem and community, where attendees and speakers discuss about the latest development in the Groovy world, around projects like the Grails web framework, the Gradle build automation project, the Ratpack lightweight reactive framework, the Spock testing library, and more.