- May 21, 2015

Jérôme Louvel, our chief geek at Restlet, was speaking at the GlueCon conference about Web APIs, and presented two sessions. The first one was about REST Web APIs, and how they are more and more becoming the glue that ties all the services and devices together. The second one explored ways to expose useful data stored into SQL databases as Web APIs in the cloud.

How REST APIs Can Glue All Types of Devices Together

An exploding variety of devices need to communicate with the software you’re developing today or soon in the future. What’s your plan to handle access from mobile phones, thermostats, heart rate monitors, health and temp sensors, desktop computers, tablets, smart watches, and more? The key to gluing everything together is to use APIs. Data and code logic can be published as APIs, making your application much more flexible. In this session, Jerome will do a technical deep into how to use open source and free to-use tools for API design, development, management, deployment, version control, and documentation. He will also explain the acute problem with API management today, evolution, and future direction.

Publish your SQL data as web APIs

With increasing demand for universal access to data, web APIs are an easy way to provide data sets to partners, customers, or even the entire world! For many businesses, bridging the gap between SQL databases and web APIs is not as easy as it looks. There are however simple ways to create data-driven APIs without programming. We’ll provide an overview of the technical challenges and how to overcome them. We’ll also show example deployments of APIs that provide access to SQL data, and leave time for a QA session.